Statement from Kleinhans Music Hall Regarding a Recent Independently Promoted Concert

Important Message on a Recent Event

On Thursday, September 30, Kleinhans Music Hall was rented by a promoter, Ben Cook Jr. Presents, for a concert featuring three entertainers. Unfortunately for attendees, one of the performers did not show up and another came late, thereby delaying the start of the concert. The concert proceeded with the two performers, including the main act, and ended around 10:00pm. While many audience members stayed and enjoyed the performances, many others were and remain understandably upset. Although Kleinhans Music Hall was not involved in the booking of the concert acts or anything related to the performances, we are truly sorry about this unfortunate set of circumstances. We have forwarded all complaints and requests for refunds to the promoter, as he received all revenues from ticket sales and only paid Kleinhans Music Hall a rental fee for use of the facility.

We sincerely apologize to all concert attendees for this unfortunate occurrence, and again, encourage all concerns and ticket purchase matters to be directed to Ben Cook Jr. Presents, the promoter of the event, at 716-418-6787.