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Kleinhans Music Hall: A Closer Look

In the fall of 2018, Buffalo News photographer Derek Gee spent several hours in and around Kleinhans, capturing intimate, astonishing images of the National Historic Landmark. The result was this 68-image gallery on the Buffalo News’ website, showcasing the hall from different angles, highlighting little-noticed details, and exploring spaces not seen by the public. View… Read more »

Revisiting Kleinhans Music Hall, Witold Rybczynski, Architect Magazine

We have become used to concert halls that make big bold statements: the looming sculptural forms of the Philharmonie in Paris, the metallic sails of Disney Hall in Los Angeles, the giant glass barrel vault of the Kimmel Center for Performing Arts in Philadelphia. The Kleinhans is curiously elusive. Approaching from the circle, one catches… Read more »

Kleinhans Music Hall: A study in modern sound by Denise Prince

The thesis examines the acoustics of Eliel Saarinen’s masterwork, Kleinhans Music Hall, in Buffalo, New York. The hall, which opened in 1940, was planned in conjunction with acoustical engineers, who served as consultants to the architect. At the time of Kleinhans’ construction, the field of room acoustics was significantly advanced over its early modern beginnings…. Read more »