JOB TITLE: Chief Engineer
DEPARTMENT: Engineering
REPORTS TO: Director
EFFECTIVE DATE: 10/20/2020

Position Summary: The Chief Engineer is responsible for ensuring that the stationary equipment, including heating, ventilation, air conditioning, cooling, refrigeration, plumbing and life safety systems operate reliably and for general upkeep of Kleinhans Music Hall.

Essential Functions:

  • Coordinates internal and external maintenance and lighting with master electrician.
  • Prepares estimates for purchases and repairs while adhering to department budget
  • Ensures that preventive maintenance and monitoring is conducted regularly to ensure that equipment is functioning safely and within limits. Maintains a manual of these tasks and trains the engineering team on property techniques and quality standards.
  • Interprets readings on equipment and take corrective action when necessary
  • Documents activity according to procedure
  • Collaborate with Property Managers to oversee projects, and ensure building needs are met. Troubleshoot problems and oversee vendors/service providers when necessary.
  • Open and close the building daily; participate in hall staff meetings as needed; positive representative of the building to patrons/clients/renters/general public.
  • Purchases and keeps an inventory of maintenance related equipment and supplies
  • Manages the Engineers, prepares schedules and submits bi-weekly payroll and new hire paperwork in a timely fashion to Finance.
  • Ensures OSHA compliance
  • Acts as on-call resource outside of business hours during emergencies
  • Other duties as assigned

Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor Degree preferred
  • City of Buffalo Stationary Engineer license required
  • Chief Engineer’s License
  • Minimum 5 year experience in HVAC required

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Problem solving ability
  • Basic computer skills
  • Able to consistently perform tasks with little direct supervision.
  • Works harmoniously and professionally with other staff at Kleinhans.
  • Valid driver’s license and auto insurance.


  • Possess knowledge of applicable OSHA regulations (e.g.: Lockout/Tagout, etc.) and
  • Ensure that the Engineers follow OSHA regulations and work in a safe manner.

To apply: please send your application information via e-mail to Nicole Bodemer at nbodemer@bpo.org by November 15, 2020.